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Monday, July 11, 2011

Voting: "Woman or Dragon: The Ride of Your Life"

Now its time to take a well deserved nap and read about some wild rides. Unless, of course, your ride is still going. In that case, just make sure you vote before 13th.

To make your voice heard, list your Top 3 in the comments.

*If you need assistance with voting, please check the Voting Section of the F.A.Q. and our Sample Vote, or if you're instructio-phobic, email one of our admins, their details are in the sidebar.

*Soz, everyone. Absent-minds abound and we forgot to schedule the voting post. It went up hours late and that's our fault. We are allowing the late entry, so Lou can vote and be voted for.

*Apologies again... we accidentally hid the link widget in anxious prep for the next Muse. Click HERE to see the current entries.



  1. 1. Baino A - Slayer
    2. JeffScape A - Straight Heat
    3. JeffScape B - Pennae

  2. 1. Harnett Hargrove
    2. Jeffscape A
    3. Patti B

  3. Jeff — B
    Baino — A
    Patti — B

    Jeff, you must have cleared the room with that muse. That was yours, yes? -J

  4. One stand-out this go-around... the others were all on par, so I had to get uber-picky. I didn't consider Lou's since he was technically late (and for no other reason). What can I say? I'm anal about that kind of thing.

    And it would've been nice to have a link widget in the voting post.

    1. Harnett-Hargove - "The Disfigured Dragon" - Best Muse interpretation, best style, best tone, nice non-fantasy fantasy... loved it.
    2. Baino B - "Chasing the Dragon" - awesome description, excellent in "keeping the moment."
    3. Baino A - "Slayer" - best storytelling.

  5. Uh... why are the votes public already? :P

  6. I think I feel the finger coming. My bad - my real bad.

    I must figure out a way to be a better son of the 10th DOM.