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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Voting: "A Better Ending"

"Our revels now are ended. These our actors, as I foretold you, were all spirits and are melted into air, into thin air:.."  And so melted into thin air is your time to write.  Time now to read that which your peers hath brought forth, and to vote for those who doth present endings better and sure.

List your Top 4 in the comments.

There are 2.5 days to vote and the winner will be announced on the 29th. So be off with you now. Read all the entries and vote for your favorites. That would be the best ending of all.

Fingers of Aidos (FoA)

(It has been our practice to list any Fingers of Aidos earned on the previous muse in the Reminder post of the following muse. But since there are sometimes FoA still outstanding from earlier muses and they impact the tally of votes to determine a winner, we will be listing all outstanding FoA on the Voting post from now on. Don't want to see your name listed here? Don't forget to vote.)

Outstanding Fingers of Aidos

Wondering why your name is here? Want to know how to get rid of the dreaded FoA?  Have no idea what we are talking about? Read about the Finger of Aidos on the F.A.Q. page, here.

  • Angel May (1 - "The Map Says We're Fucked")
  • budhaaah (2 - "White Lies Belie a Darker Truth," "Mother Dearest")
  • Eclipse (1 - "White Lies Belie a Darker Truth")
  • Joanny (1 - "Confession")
  • kaykuala (1 -“White Lies Belie a Darker Truth”)
  • Lou Lohman (1 - "Woman or Dragon: The Ride of Your Life")
  • Noiseless Patient Spider (1 - "Silence Lies Broken")

(Apologies for the repost. The first list was incomplete.)

* If you need assistance with voting, please check the Voting Section of the F.A.Q. and our Sample Vote.



  1. I'm all artsy-fartsy at the moment, so my vote might seem... er... out of character.

    But... my first-place vote would be my first-place vote no matter what mood I was in.

    1. Baino B - "The Longing" - Sorry, but nothing else is even in the same ballpark this Muse.
    2. Brian Miller - "Vigil" - Simple, elegant... something to it.
    3. Harnett-Hargrove - "Finis" - Unique and intriguing.
    4. Siobhan - "Sad and Proud" - More simplicity and elegance.

    Bimbimbie, of all the poems, yours was my fav.

  2. I had trouble choosing this time around.

    1. Amanda
    2. Baino B
    3. Tom
    4. Brian

  3. 1 Brian Miller

    2 She Writes

    3 Baino B

    4 Harnett-Hargrove

  4. 1. Tom
    2. SheWrites
    3. JeffScape
    4. Amanda

    Hopefully by the time the votes are posted, I will have gone back and commented. Apologies to all if I have not.

    I was very happy to see so many poems entered this muse.

  5. Quite hard this one given the variety of form and topics.

    1. Jeffscape - because he shits this stuff out so well
    2. Amanda - for throwing in the kitchen sink
    3. She Writes - for resonance
    4. Patti - for happy endings

  6. this is a very difficult vote
    2)Alive Always
    3)Baino B
    4)Shewrites B

  7. My vote for this muse:

    1. Bimbimbie - A better ending
    2. Patti - Ever after
    3. Baino B - The longing
    4. Tom - A better ending

  8. 1. Baino B
    2. Jeffscape
    3. Tom
    4. Harnett-Hargrove

  9. Nice read!
    There it goes -
    1. Amanda
    2. Tom
    3. She Writes
    4. JeffScape

  10. I went back and forth on this one. So many different genres, which makes it more difficult but also more rich. Too bad I could only vote for 4 of you.

    1. Jeff
    2. Harnett-Hargrove
    3. She Writes (first one, A)
    4. Alive

  11. Ok, some of these were indeed a good painful to read, but I tend vote toward the emotional.
    She Writes B
    Baino B

  12. 1. Baino B (Longing)
    2. Tom
    3. Bimbimbie
    4. Patti