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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Winner: "Rehearsing With Gods"

Curtain's up and it's too late to pray. Someone's broken a leg and climbed the mount. Who stole the show and spoke to the gods of our hearts?


Congratulations to our first... er... Hippolytan Girdle! His tale of hopeless romanticism struck a chord, mostly because there's only one F-word in it! Read what earned him a place among an Amazonian Queen's mid-section:

Runner-Up: Patti:

JeffScape's guaranteed to be insane Muse will appear September 1. Check in on August 16 for Baino's!



  1. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being around a woman's mid-section. :P

    Thanks for the votes! An extra thanks to the clever one who gave a nod to "Fig Leaves" without reading the whole piece.

  2. Well done Jeff and may your fig leaves not wither on a publisher's vine ;)

  3. Congratulations, you romantic, you.

  4. Ohhh dear. Finger of Aidos. I tried, but between and exam, flying, trying to catch another flight then being snowed in, I missed out. I'll make up for it next round!

  5. Jeff,
    Other people noticed, too.
    Great obvious win.

    Beware those Amazons!
    Hey, does one get CROWNED after bringing in Cerberus?