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Friday, August 26, 2011

Voting: "Two Glass Houses and Twenty Stones"

Put down your stones and step away from the battlefield.  The time has come to smoke the peace pipe and make nice.

List your "Top 3" in the comments and remember to READ each entry!

There are 2.5 days to vote and the winner will be announced on the 29th.

Outstanding Fingers of Aidos (FoA)

Don't want to see your name listed here? Don't forget to vote.

  • Angel May (1 - "The Map Says We're Fucked")
  • budhaaah (2 - "White Lies Belie a Darker Truth," "Mother Dearest")
  • Eclipse (2 - "A Better Ending," "White Lies Belie a Darker Truth)
  • Dulce (1 - "A Better Ending")
  • Joanny (1 - "Confession")
  • kaykuala (1 -“White Lies Belie a Darker Truth”)
  • Noiseless Patient Spider (1 - "Silence Lies Broken")
  • Siobhan (1 - "Rehearsing With Gods")

Wondering why your name is here? Want to know how to get rid of the dreaded FoA? Have no idea what we are talking about? Read about the Finger of Aidos on the F.A.Q. page, here.

*If you need assistance with voting, please check the Voting Section of the F.A.Q. and our Sample Vote.



  1. All righty... my top two votes are neck-and-neck, but I've gotta go with some Half-Moose.

    1. Tom (B) - "The Wahmii"
    2. Patti - "The Last Game?"
    3. Baino - "Lilith"

  2. 1. Baino - Lilith
    2. Tom B - the Wahmii
    3. JeffScape - Opaque

  3. Ah a small field and a suck ass muse so well done everyone for having a crack . .
    1. Patti - nicely written, entertaining and a twist
    2. Tom - back to his usual finesse but this time I understood it (did you nick that idea from Star Trek?)
    3. Jeffscape - a write anyway but he still shits out gold.

  4. Baino


    Tom B

    ... a nod to JeffScape 'cause it's nice to hate a character to the point you'd like to hit him with a rock; a large one.

  5. Tom
    Bimbimbie -hoping for a wrap up in a future muse
    Baino -I've never tired of the gypsy soul

  6. OOPs, did I put
    Tom-B? I meant Tom-B.
    Please do not ex-communicate me.