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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"In Love, In War, For Lust, Forewarned"

JeffScape fears that mixing love and war could make for a dangerous situation, and as he often is, he might just be right. Be vigilant, lest your sweet nothings whispered in the heat of battle or the height of passion lead to dire consequences.

Image taken from WikiMedia Commons

Where will your story lead us? Are we headed for the battlefield or the bedroom?

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  1. I'm in. Got a busy week, so figured I'd better get one in while I could.

  2. a tad obscure for the muse, but the elements are there if you're handy with a hoe (ho ho)

  3. Ok more sap and sop from the incurable romantic. Apologies for the crappy formatting. Took me ages to try to fix.