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Monday, November 14, 2011

Winner: "In Love, In War, For Lust, Forewarned"

Sometimes it pays to listen to those who have trod the path before you. As they oft proclaim, in love, war and writing, to achieve success, one must sometimes take a risk. Our attentive student, risk-taker and winner this time is


Patti earned our kudos for undertaking the hair-raising experience of stepping way outside her comfort zone. You can read her story of different sort of  hair-raising experience here:

Patti's Muse will appear December 1 and the next Muse will be posted on November 16th. 



  1. Smiles to you Patti, well shouted ;)

  2. she is a force to be reckoned with

  3. Well done Patti, you 'went there' and it worked without being crass or gratuitous. You made us hate one of your characters and love your story. Now pop cork and come up with a muse that makes us all shine!

  4. Thanks, folks, and thank you for your votes. Amazing what a healthy serving of "oh, ick" can do.

  5. YES! :). I wanted to write for this just to vote on yours. Good stuff. Too bad I was too tired to be inspired.

    Yay! Patti :).

  6. I made it here just to say to a deserving soul