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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reminder: "The Curious Case of the Brown Shoes"

Is your imagination running away with you or are you floundering barefoot in the park. Who's shoes or is it whose shoes? Get cracking and solve the mystery, it's good for your sole. Voting begins on the 26th.



  1. I'm in, and to paraphrase Helen, I AM proud. I'm a very good cook, you know.

  2. Hi, I just joined and am in for the first time. Thanks, Celia.

  3. Welcome, Celia! We're thrilled you joined us.

  4. I pooped one out. I apologize for the smell.

  5. After a week of unresolved computer probs I'm late but in for my own muse ...

  6. I still had 18 minutes, but I figured — what the hell...