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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reminder: "Beneath the Pools of Another Moon"

Always in her proper sphere is the mistress of the night. Limpid pools and moonlit skies, made for magic and mayhem. 'Tis true, everyone is a moon with a light and dark side. Let yours wax and wane, not much time left to enter.

The River of Mnemosyne Challenge is just weeks away and  begins in February.  There are 9 episodes, 9 muses chosen by those who post first. See the rules here for full details or talk to one of our admins.



  1. My first time here... Interesting site and community you have. Will be sure to stop by regularly!

  2. I'm in. It's a little maudlin, maybe, but in a good way.

  3. Thanks for the message and the link to the rules, I'll keep them in mind for the future - and thanks for the welcome!

  4. Aight... I'm in... a bit late and, so, unfinished...

  5. I'm baaaa-aaack. It's a little eh, but I'm more than a little rusty. Feels good to get something down though!

  6. Utter crap and in a total rush, but I'm back baby.