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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winner: "Beneath the Pools of Another Moon"

Man, beast or something in between whatever they are, they survive, they love, they fight, they feel, they suffer, they endure beneath the pools of another moon. Our winner for this round:

Half Moose With A Twist!

Congratulations to our worthy winner, Tom,  for the second consecutive time with:


Due to the epic competition the River of Mnemosyne Challenge commencing in February, Tom's next muse will appear in March



  1. Whoa! You are on a roll, Mr. Half-Moose. Congratulations on a well-deserved win.

  2. Yes indeed, a brilliant win.

    And I like Amy's suggestion for making two categories - only perhaps they could be Prose (fiction, non-fiction), and Other (art poetry, photography, audio and video...).

  3. Aww Tom, just a bite away from that elusive Hesperidan Apple...Look out Jeffscape, you're crown's slipping. Well done Tom.

  4. Thanks, very unexpected, I appreciate all the feedback

  5. Tom, yay! I am so glad to see this piece won for you. I knew the muse would be up your alley and I LOVE what you wrote.