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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Voting: "Beneath the Pools of Another Moon"

Beneath the light of a silvery moon, the lunatics have left the asylum, the romantics have sealed their fate with a kiss and the aliens have landed. No time to bask in its glow or take a dip...sharpen your wits and cast your vote!

List your  Top 3 in the comments.

There are 2.5 days to vote and the winner will be announced on the 14th.

*If you need assistance with voting, please check the Voting Section of the F.A.Q. and our Sample Vote.



  1. There were some terrific entries this time. I had a hard time choosing.

    1. Tom (for pulling the heartstrings so effectively)
    2. Baino (for giving us a wild ride with a satisfying "she had it coming" ending)
    3. JeffScape (for a great beginning; had to mark down for the frustration of the cliffhanger, though)

    I have to give a special Honorable Mention to Bimbimbie for the wonderful photo of the disabled spider tending her own "moon."

  2. 1. Patti (Complete, sad, lovely)
    2. Jeffscape (although I hate 'to be continued')
    3. Tom

  3. My three favourite pieces were

    1 Afar (Tom)

    2 "What's it like?" (Patti)

    3 Satellite of Lust (Baino)

    My only wish was that Beneath the Silver Sky had been concluded ...

  4. Not a big group, but this was a good one. My top 2 are very, very close, as are my second 2. Alas, we're only voting for 3.

    1. Tom - "Afar" - mesmerizing, Tom... mesmerizing... that stated, you edge Patty by sheer technicalities.
    2. Patti - "What's It Like?" - this is one of those that would've won any other Muse, I'm guessing. Leave it to the ultimate spoiler (Tom, cough, Tom).
    3. She Writes - "Beneath a Silver Sky" - despite my reservations as to where it's going, and the fact that it's unfinished, what's up is worthy of a vote.

  5. baino- 1, great monster story
    patti- 2, sad sweet and thought provoking
    jeff- 3, intriguing..but incomplete, alas

  6. 1. TOM!!!!
    2. Baino
    3. Patti

    Once again, I wish we had 2 categories. A fiction and a poetry category would be interesting and maybe garner more votes for the poets who regularly enter their work here and rarely (if ever) win.

    It is difficult for me to cast the winning vote on a poem when I know the work of a longer piece of fiction. That said, adding some categories may bring more writers and encourage those we have here who wish to win to enter in more than one category. Just a thought. One I have often as I vote.

  7. No time!

    1. Baino
    2. She Writes
    3. JeffScape