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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Voting: RoM03

The Muses are all ashore and the river is dry. It's time to vote, ladies and gentlemen.

Congratulations to those who gave it a shot! Extra kudos for those who completed the challenge!

Refresh yourselves with the entries below and post your Top 3 (in order of preference) in the comment section.

The participants and their number of participating Muses are as follows:
  • Baino - 9
  • Jelly - 4
  • Patti - 9
  • She Writes -5
  • Siobhan - 9
  • Tom @ Half-Moose - 9

  • DO NOT vote for yourself.
  • If you didn't submit an entry for Muse 1 ("A Legacy of Smoke and Shadow") and Muse 2 ("Fariq's Final Fantasia"), you cannot vote.
  • If you don't vote, you cannot win.

You have 4.5 days to pick your favorites! The winner will be announced on the 27th.

Congrats again to everyone who participated!



  1. I am studying like crazy for a test to morrow afternoon and sitting down to read this year's entries is my reward :)! Very much looking forward to seeing all the submissions. Jeff's will be missed by me. The River has become something to anticipate in the coldest months of the year. Thanks for all the work to the admins!

  2. That's really nice of you to say, Amy. You can thank Jeff for the River. He did all the work! I'll miss his entry too.

    1. If you're really nice and ask, he might let you in to Panoramic Mindscape. He did the muse, just didn't post. It's good. And I for one am VERY glad that's over. Couldn't have been a worse month to do RoM...well done everyone.

    2. yup, he let me back in, even though i'm horrible at keeping up...he's a relentless prolific bastard

    3. Nup, no point in asking. I'd only be booted out again. Besides, "invited" is one thing; begging to be let in is another.

  3. A small field this time which is a shame. I'm very disappointed that Jeffscape didn't play but...his decision is respected.
    First - Patti, out and out winner for me. Novelist's style, beautifully written, Dan Brown meets James Bond and despite some of the implausibility a story worthy of expanding into a novella at least. Awesome effort.
    Tom - I don't know what you do, but I like the way you do it. The twist was cute, the writing easy to follow, a little more 'narrative' might have been nice but basically a solid entry in your inimitable style. I love's me a flask-drinking, sentimental android.
    Third had me in a spin. I wish She Writes expanded a little more, the quality was awesome and Constance a character I'd love to develop, however...
    Third place to a college tale which I suspect holds more truth than fiction and a girl who defies the odds to engage in her passion. Well done Siobhan. You are our only published (fiction)and definitely emerging young writer. Unafraid, willing to learn and I bow to your prowess.

  4. 1. She Writes - for the expressive way she captured the sadness, hopelessness, and the narrator's and boy's inability to fight back.

    2. Tom - for creating a world I could see, and for certain turns of phrase that really tickled my fancy.

    3. Siobhan - for telling a story that made me wish she'd tell us more, and for the unusual change of voice at the end, which worked well.

    Baino's plot had real potential and I thought the device of the backpack and its contents a good one. I just wish there had been more of the story and less distraction.

  5. great stuff! much fun, here's my best guess:
    1- patti
    2- shewrites
    3- siobhan

  6. Okay, breathe.

    1. Tom!!!
    2. Patti
    3. Siobhan

    The last two spots were very close for me between Patti, Helen and Siobhan. Each had elements I liked in the work. In the end, I went with the most developed story. Had there been more time allotted for this challenge I believe the outcome may have been different. I am always amazed at the scope of Helen's imagination and the depth of Siobhan's writing. I would like to see something lengthier in terms of time to work on a submission. Maybe a summer challenge with a Muse a week? I am not strong in writing longer pieces, but I see such potential in the others here. It has been a pleasure to watch everyone develop in the time we have been writing together. I guess, I am asking for more of you all :). I enjoyed this challenge mainly because I am so impressed with what people do with the Muses. FUN :)!

  7. I always find voting incredibly difficult.
    1. She Writes

  8. 1. Siobhan
    2. Patti
    3. She Writes