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Monday, February 27, 2012

Will the Real Winner Please Take a Bow ....RoM 03

Well this is embarrassing and a first! 

It's with great regret that we have realised our River of Mnemosyne programmer (we won't name any names but he knows who he is) had a little difficulty counting the votes, and didn't wait for backup to confirm that the actual winner was not Tom at Half Moose With A Twist.  Despite Tom's valient effort and like so many close races, he was pipped at the post by one point. The REAL winner of the third River of Mnemosyne Challenge is:. 

We're deeply embarrassed by this error and hope you'll forgive us. Both entries, in fact all entries, were of the usual high standard with some hopefully being progressed into novels. We certainly hope that Patti takes the plunge with:
Muse 3: The Monk
Muse 4: Sagittarius
Muse 6: Shit Happens
Muse 8: Tartuffe

Now because we've broken the rules...let's break one more. Congratulations and sincere apologies to Tom. We'll leave your links on the page because they're worth it.

We'll be back to regular, and hopefully more accurate, programming with Tom's muse on 1st March. Bring your friends along now that the gruelling swim is over. Thanks again to all participants, we look forward to a high level of competition throughout this year.



  1. Well done Patti. Looks like Oscars fever got the better of our guest programmer, who's nursing a head from Hell (I hope!). All's well that ends well. A worthy win.

  2. that's more like it! You got my vote, well written're the bomb!

  3. Patti, NICELY done! I am terribly jealous ;). xxamy

  4. Thank you, Helen, Tom, and Amy. You guys are the best!