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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Voting: "Blasphemy and Unicorns"

Avoid the fate of the unicorn, don't miss the boat. Should the last of the gentle unicorns also perish, they will continue to haunt your dreams and those of your children, who will never forgive us for letting such beauty disappear. We won't forgive if you forget to vote.

List your top 3 in the comments.  Don't vote and we'll give you the finger!

Just 2.5 days to vote. The winner will be announced on the 14th. Fact or fantasy? Even Marco Polo saw such fabulous things, "Here are wild elephants in the country, and numerous unicorns which are nearly as big."

Outstanding Fingers of Aidos (FoA)

Don't want to see your name listed here? Don't forget to vote.

Poetikat  (1. for "The Language of Bouquets")

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  1. 1. Tom, for pure Half-Moosian fun.

    2. H-H, because I love the idea that this boneyard of things fantastical might bring back memories of a previous (fantastical) life to the trespassers.

    3. Had a hard time choosing between Baino and Jeff for #3. I’m giving it to Jeff for a better unicorn, though had Baino’s blasphemy extended past a kiss, it might have gone the other way.

  2. 1 Jeff
    2 Patti
    3 Jayne

  3. 1.



  4. Okey doke...

    1. Harnett-Hargrove - "The Bone Yard"
    2. Patti - "A Theology of Unicorns" - docked for the Muse, but propped for the quality.
    3. Tom - "Blasphemy and Unicorns" - had to debate this one... a clear world, a murky story, and an amazing style.

  5. As usual, I went for emotional impact and muse, not for perfect craft — bad me. But there you are.

    1. Baino
    2. tom
    3. JeffScape

  6. Looks like HH won... and not everyone who voted even read her story! Kudos!

  7. Yes it's a great shame that some don't bother to read the rules