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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Voting: "Choirs of Shadow Flying by Violent Eclipse"

The muses are chanting, "Hallelujah and amen!" The eclipse is over.

So gather round and raise your voices. It's time to join the choir.  Vote for your Top 3 in the Comments.

Many cultures believe that an eclipse is a portent of disaster. Be sure to vote, or a Finger of Aidos will be the disaster that this eclipse foreshadows for you. There are 2.5 days to vote and that the winner will be announced on the  29th. 

Outstanding Fingers of Aidos (FoA)

Don't want to see your name listed here? Don't forget to vote.

* Dave King (1, for "Blasphemy and Unicorns")
* Poetikat (1 (for "The Language of Bouquets")

Wondering why your name is here?  Want to know how to get rid of the dreaded FoA? Have no idea what we are talking about? Read about the Finger of Aidos on the F.A.Q. page, here.

*If you need assistance with voting, please check the Voting Section of the F.A.Q. and our Sample Vote.



  1. Kk... voting with the gut this time around... and a bit of Merlot for good measure.

    1. Siobhan - "The Beautiful People"
    2. Patti - "The Doomsday Choir"
    3. Baino - "Lullaby"

  2. Jelly -for purity of intent
    Jeffscape -for verbosity and intent
    Tom -for strange fun and intent

  3. Sorry two-finger typing getting the better of me:
    1. Jeffscape (who is currenty passed out in my Skype window...yep you're outed Merlot Man
    2. Patti
    3. Siobhan

  4. 1. Patti
    2. JeffScape
    3. Baino