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Monday, March 1, 2010

"A Corruption of Evidence"

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

JeffScape, the last winner of our normal challenge, wants us all to examine the clues:


*image from NetSecurity Magazine

Truth or lies? Proof or plant? Let's get to the bottom of this.

Remember, don't sign up until you've posted the entry on your site and link that entry directly (not your blog home page). In the meantime, leave a comment and let us know you're game!

Post as soon as you're ready, and we'll post a reminder on the 7th. Voting begins after the 10th!

Also, one of our regulars has temporarily left the blogosphere for reasons unknown, and we'd like to give her a shout-out... COME BACK, CINNAMON! WE MISS YOU ALREADY!



  1. First one, eh? Nobody playing this go-around?

  2. In

    Sorry my banner design was so offensive, won't happen again

  3. yeah, this one is kindof tough, but i got something whooped up that is sort of off kilter. to doodle up some garnish.

  4. Mine is up... and oh, it is corrupt...

  5. I am in, and hoping I've understood the gist of this.