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Monday, March 22, 2010

Reminder: "A Shot in the Dark"

Have you taken your shot yet? If not, open your eyes and pull the trigger, because you've only got 3 days left!

You may have noticed that comment moderation was turned on for the previous Muse, then summarily turned off. You also probably don't care, but just in case you might, the reasoning is as follows: there have been accusations and concerns about "strategic voting" (basically, people vote for "worse entries" in the hopes that their entries will win), so moderation was turned on in order to prevent that. However, admin/moderator comments (and, hence, their votes) are not subject to moderation, so that seemed a bit unfair. We are working on a new system, but until then, we'll just go with how we've been doing things.



  1. Catering to people who object to others' votes compromises the value of diversity within democracy. One person's best may very well be another's worst — if there's no room for that, there's no room for me.

  2. mine is going up tonight...
    i agree with yodood!