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Monday, March 29, 2010

Winner: "A Shot in the Dark"

Spotlight's on and it is illuminating...

She Writes

Two times in a row? She Writes is on a roll! We'd send her a flashlight as a prize, but we're cheap! Check out her winning entry here:

Runner-Up: Yodood, "Shot in the Dark"

Come back on the 1st to find out what her next Muse is!



  1. Congratulations Amy, you deserve more than the flashlight Jeff was too cheap to award you. :•D

  2. Congrats, Amy! This was a hard vote... I was pulling for Yodood, but I guess he didn't want the flashlight, either. Hehe. ;)

  3. I am stunned, completely!

    I cannot help but note this win has given me the memorable position of a serpent like, multi-headed mythological creature with poisonous breath on the sidebar. Oh dear!

    Seriously, thank you :).