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Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Beguiled by Night"

She Writes has put us in the dark yet again!


Our longer days can't put a damper on the beauty that happens after sunset!

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  1. what does beguiled mean? smiles.

  2. Patti, you re-linked the old entry again. Resubmit, please!

  3. Jeff, I don't know why you get the old entry when you click on the link in my comment above, but it is the correct link for my post "Beguiled by Night."

  4. Didn't check the comment... only concerned with the link widget.

  5. Gotcha. I couldn't see the entire Linky URL field, only that it was preloaded by the web page. I fixed it, and now that I know it doesn't preload the current post on my blog, I'll be sure to change it each time. I learn something new everyday. That's a good thing.

  6. The link widget is wonky, for some reason. Took me several tries over the course of two days to get it to work.

    Mine is up.

  7. Up.

    Patti, for everything you learn a million newones are being thought up somewhere.

  8. mine will go up tomorrow night...