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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Winner: "Beguiled by Night"

And coming out of dark is...


She's too vain for a profile image, so we posted her banner instead! Check out her winning entry:

Also, hmm... a bit of a conundrum. She's a two-time winner, but entered this one from a different blog than her previous winning entry. For now, we'll just put both blogs in the "one-time" section until the admins can deliberate about it. Ah, lack of foresight. How blind we are under your night lights.

Runner-Up: Tom (Half-Moose), "Beguiled by Night"

Come back on the 16th to see if she wants us to get "Dirty!" again... Uh oh...



  1. Krys,

    Bravo! I was torn between who to choose on this one. Much deserved on your part!

  2. So, how come "Hounded" shows up on my blogroll as the next post title? Is it prescient?