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Monday, April 26, 2010

Voting: "Hounded"

The hunt is over, the stalkers have been arrested, the irritants have been calamined... or so they say.

Every houndee needs to vote for their top 3 in the comment section.

The calmest escapee will be announced the 29th.



  1. 1) Brian
    2) Patti
    3) She Writes

  2. Another very, very difficult vote. Took a while to whittle down to five, then I pretty much closed my eyes and...

    1. tom - "Neither Here Nor There"
    2. Patti - "Outrunning the Hounds of Hopelessness"
    3. empath - "Laughter"

  3. I'm with Jeff... i got it down to five and had to work on it from there. Great job guys!

    1. ChefKar
    2. Youdood
    3. Banio

  4. 1. empath
    2. yodood
    3. patti

    ack, i was kept shuffling mine again and again...

  5. 1. She Writes
    2. Patti
    3. Baino

    aka Moondustwriter

  6. Tough, tough ~ such great entries this go round. Here's my pick:

    1. Patti
    2. Yodood
    3. Brian

  7. 1. Baino
    2. Brian
    3. Jeffscape