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Monday, November 22, 2010

Reminder: "Shafts of Grace in the Corner of a Room"

Figure it out yet? Shafts of light? Mine shafts? Shafts of... well, have you found anything? Time is running out.



  1. People... I just caught up with the entries (7 so far). I'd vote for all of 'em. Seriously.

    The competition is ON!

  2. Baino, in retrospect, claims to hate this Muse. But I think it's the best. Muse. ever. Particularly for the content it's created.

    And our first video post!

  3. Ok first, you're all total legends. Total legends! The quality of the submissions here is incredible and voting is very difficult. Honourable mention to Jelly for putting herself front and centre and NPS for putting up a poem that I actually like (sorry poets - I have a 'thing') Wonderful narratives from everyone else. Without doubt the hardest vote since I've Here goes:

    1. Tom
    2. Patti
    3. Jeffscape Parts 1-6