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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Shafts of Grace in the Corner of a Room"

Baino, in a strange reinterpretation of an album title, wants us to find something odd. Something hidden; hard to see. Something few of us will ever find...

*image taken from BBC News and is property of the Associated Press

Figure out what shafts of grace are. Then find them. It is your destiny.

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  1. sounds more like an acid flashback than an album cover.

    der, what's an album?

  2. now let me see ... something about the bits of a chick left over after she's been shafted ... right?

  3. Who chose this stupid muse again? Part one of Two launched and ready for orbit.

  4. Jeffscapes working nights so I've linked him . . go be rude before he can retailate!

  5. I'm in with Part 1 of 2. It's odd. Most muses demand a lot of angst and indecision before agreeing to play. This one was eager to join the fun.

  6. Patti's comment is interesting. It ALWAYS takes me about 3 or 4 days to settle on a direction, regardless of the muse. I immediately write down as many 'angles' as I can, and let them filter around my head, as I work up a double-sided sheet of notes. Then I sit down each evening after dinner and write until midnight - one evening per chapter.

    I am now starting to experience that wierd thing of which I have read, where a character does something that I had not expected - 'no no, come back. You weren't ALL meant to die!'

  7. What a wonderful picture, and an apt title.

  8. ha. nice comment first part is up and while you will not find the muse unveiled in this one, it will be in the second part on monday....

  9. ok, here's my solo piece--it's long, but i didn't really want to split it up...sorry.

  10. @Noiseless Patient Spider - we're removing the (2) from your link, since there's no (1) entry from you.

    @Brian Miller - we're adding a "Part 1" to yours, since your entry states a "Part 2" is on the way.

  11. @Baino: the Mister Linky thing for Part 2 didn't work for me. I got there indirectly but you might want to fix the link.

  12. thanks jeff...thought about that this morning....part 2 loaded and ready to go in the morning....