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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Winner: "Under the Kiss of the Blood-Soaked Tree"

The blood-letting is done. The kiss - how sweet, how surreal, how evil - is over. Who survived the lips of the tree?


Our newest Nemean Lion! Congrats! Go (re)read her winning entry:

Runner-Up: Baino (& JeffScape):

Julie's Muse will appear December 1st. Come back November 16th for Baino's!



  1. I commented on your entry, but I'll do it again here. Brava! You did a great job. Especially for a lady who said she had trouble coming up with something for the muse.

  2. Awww well done Julie, you pipped us at the post but it's a deserving win. Cheers:)

  3. What a lovely surprise to come home to after three days in Melbourne. I appreciate the voting.

    Thank you to those who persevered with the length and with the vernacular. I will put some language notes as a Postscript should I need to write in Australian flavour again.

    Helen, you can flesh your own story into something very exciting, indeed, whereas mine has nowhere to go.

    And yes, as Patti, commented, I had a lot of strife coming up with a response to the muse. I felt a bit like Miles, wondering what the hell Jeff was asking of me. I started off with a poem about a fire, which was a load of crap, and then decided on a murder, never having written a murder before! I ended up with a bit over a day left, and just forced myself to sit down and type. And I honestly had no idea I was going to kill them all off. That wasn't what I had written down on the back on the envelope beside the keyboard.

    Once again, I appreciate the award ...

  4. both very deserving, the win and the place. Good show Julie, and the firework's ending was spectacular!