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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reminder: "Under the Kiss of the Blood-Soaked Tree"

Are your fingers bloodied yet from typing so much? If not, get there, or get close. We want to see some effort here... In the form of crimson bodily fluids.

Fingers of Aidos - "Confession"
*She Writes did not vote! However, since there was a miscommunication with an admin, she will not collect a Finger of Aidos!
*Joanny did not vote! It seems she tried, but just... well... hard to explain. Sorry, Joanny, you're getting a Finger!

*Runners-Up - You might have noticed a Runner-Up last Muse. That's because we've decided that runners up for Muses will be announced and listed depending on the number of entries in a given Muse. There will not be a separate "Runners-Up" page, but you'll be able to check "Winner" posts to see who came oh, so close. One placement will be announced for every 10 entries received. Basically, this means:
  • 1-10 entries: Winner only.
  • 11-20 entries: Winner and 1st Runner-Up.
  • 21-30 entries: Winner and 1st and 2nd Runners-Up.
  • And so on...

We also retroactively listed runners-up for previous Muses, so check some of the more popular Muses of the past to find out who they are.


Update: Some of you might have noticed the link widget was closed for a brief time at around 4 AM (GMT) on November 10th. This was due to a rescheduling of the widget closing (necessitated by the DST switch). The widget should now be re-open. Please contact an admin if you have any trouble linking prior to the actual closing time.

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