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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reminder: "Silence Lies Broken"

Are you staying quiet? Well... stop!

*Runners Up?: One of the admins here brought up a question concerning posting runners up. Is posting the top 2 or 3 something everyone would like to see? Let us know.

*Voter's Shame: Now called "The Fingers of Aidos," the participants who didn't vote in the previous Muse will appear in the "Reminder" posts from now on. The admin who implemented the section (cough, JeffScape, cough) feels like a turd for stealing thunder away from the previous winner... so we've moved the thunder-stealing here.

*Rule clarification: Our one and only content rule here at 10thDoM is that all entries must be new works. Specifically, new and original works created for 10thDoM. Meme combos are fine (and many participants post those), but the intent to link to 10thDoM must be clear.



  1. nah. all or nothing babe!

    so intent must be a direct link to 10DOM...using the words in the post is not clear enough...right...smiles. really i am over it and i love it here at 10DOM...smiles.

  2. I don't usually do this...but I disagree with Brian. It would be nice to know 1,2,3. OR, you could tell me the algorithm you use...and I could figure it out myself ;-)

  3. This is my first time participating. I look forward to more inspiration!

  4. thats ok to disagree tina...i would like to know the algaruthm though...

  5. figured i would give this a try...

  6. I'm attempting to get back in the game. I'm moved, and after 7 weeks without internet (you may all shed a tear for me now), I think I should probably try to catch up!

  7. ahg! too many to read! and they're all good!

  8. I hope you`re happy Jeff! This is my comment.

  9. Okay, added a photo. Thanks, Jeff, for the suggestion.

  10. Yep, KTL... happy.

    And no prob, Willow. The admins are actually in the early stages of creating "slightly different" rules for photography (and maybe imagery in general... one participant has a surprise in store for us at some point), so now's as good a time as any to run a "beta test."

  11. Since I'm in the middle of a robust procrastination session, I just thought I'd say... wow, people.

    I'm running through everyone's entries again to prep for the vote, and out of 23 current entries, I'm looking at 7 (SEVEN!) as first-placers (and that's after a previous procrastination session which had 10 candidates).

    That might not seem like a lot, but that's never happened before.

    I think we owe Willow a nice round of applause for adding to 10thDoM's visibility.

    P.S. And just to prep everyone, given the large number of entries, you will be voting for a Top 4. We'll remind everyone again on the actual Voting Post... just giving a head's up in case anyone likes to get a jump on things.

  12. Did I say 7? I meant 8.

    Damn... I have to go through all of these again...

  13. My pleasure. This is so much fun!

  14. i wanted to be one of the cool ones with a number by my name...

  15. Hah... what, with the "3" by Ceryneian Hinds?

    Just don't be one of the uncool ones who don't read each entry.

    Speaking of...