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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reminder: "Suicide Seat"

Still mulling a game of Russian Roulette? Don't think about it, just jump on in! Deadline's coming up!

Fingers of Aidos - from "Silence Lies Broken"
Megha did not vote! And so earns a "Finger." Yes, her vote could have changed the outcome.

*Not Voting: Uh oh... speaking of the Fingers of Aidos... looks like the admins are implementing a penalty for not voting.
  • Starting with the next Muse, people listed as "Fingers of Aidos" will lose points on their entries equivalent to first-place votes.
  • The penalty is cumulative. For example, anyone who posts twice in a row without voting will lose points equivalent to two first-place votes (and so on).
  • This penalty will apply until that participant finally participates in a vote (at which point their slate is wiped clean).

*We realize this might encourage people to vote without actually reading everyone's entries. Again, don't be "that guy" (or gal, as the first confirmed case happened to be). We've long had the capability to see who actually reads each others' entries and the introduction of Blogger Stats has only made that easier. Don't encourage Not for Jellyfish to pursue her "confirmed reading" rule (which the other admins have so far shot down, citing its current lack of necessity). Maintaining integrity is far easier to do on your own.

*As with all rules, this one takes effect next Muse.

*Alter Egos: We've recently been approached with a question concerning "alter ego" submissions. The admins are currently locked in a heated debate on the matter, but rest assured we will have established rules on the subject in the near future. In the meantime, anyone with a desire to separate entries along multiple identities should contact an admin before submitting from an alter ego.
  • Participants discovered using alter egos without prior disclosure to the admins will be banned from 10thDoM.
  • This has nothing to do with bloggers who have multiple blogs attributed to the same identity.

*Photo Entries: As we implied during the previous Muse, we're toying with "slightly different" rules for image-based submissions. This arose from questions pertaining to our "nothing old" rule. We're working on a fix that's fair to the writers while remaining conducive to the photographers. In the meantime, just proceed as you normally would.

*Winning; Submitting a Muse: There was some confusion regarding the deadline to submit a Muse after winning (probably JeffScape's fault, since most everything else is). Winners have until the "Reminder" post of the Muse following their victory. The "Reminder" posts goes up on the 7th or 22nd at 12:01 AM. In other words, you have until the 7th/22nd, or through the 6th/21st. Yeah, er... we guess that clears it up.

*Well... maybe. We're currently mulling adding more admins for a few reasons, one of which is to even out the current admin rotation (and to help cover emergencies, since all of the admins seem to schedule their personal disasters at the same time). Another reason is that we want to see if anyone - who has the time and wherewithal - can bring new ideas to the table. If anyone's interested, shoot one of the existing admins an email and let us know! Web design, graphic design, and widget programming skills are a plus, but by no means a requirement. Experience setting up not-for-profit organizations is another plus, but also not a requirement.

*Though we just went through a growth spurt, we'd still like to expand 10thDoM. While we prefer quality to quantity, if anyone would be willing to write a "come join us" post on their individual blogs, explaining what 10thDoM is and how it works, that would earn those who do some worthless brownie points.



  1. Speaking of the Fickle Finger of ... er, the Fingers of Aidos, wouldst thou share the import of the selected Labours (assigned on the sidebar) as related to this site of Muse-ical endeavour, oh, Awesome Admin of Artfulness?

  2. Sorry guys, we Aussies are down at the arse-end of the world and 22nd at 12:01am means something totally different to us. Could you please provide a GMT equivalent? I apologise in advance for asking you to pander to us ... but there are a few of us in the group, and me being the last on, yells the loudest!!