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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Winner: "Silence Lies Broken"

You can unplug your ears. The yelling is over. The undisputed champion of the decibel is...


Scream out the congratulations! And go read the winning entry here:

1st Runner-Up: Maha, "The Teacher"
2nd Runner-Up: Xander (Brian Miller), "Silence. Lies. Broken."

By the way, "Silence Lies Broken" has, well, broken the record for most participants in a Muse with 18. The record was previously held by "Moon" (early November, 2009) and "Live Like There's No Tomorrow" (late May, 2010), which both had 13 participants.

"Silence Lies Broken" has also broken the record for most entries, with 26 (previously held by "Live Like There's No Tomorrow," with 21).

JeffScape's Muse will appear on October 1st. Come back on September 16th for Willow's (yes, Willow's).



  1. Way to go, Jeff! Congratulations!

  2. I always like it when a woman steps up and says, "Call me." Congratulations.

  3. Thanks, everyone!

    Maha needs a shout-out, too, in my opinion. Finished a VERY close second place.

  4. This was my first outing in this format and I enjoyed the experience very much. Well done, Jeff. Good story, and I enjoyed Maha's storry too.

    Looking forward to the next round on Thursday.

  5. that was a good one...well deserved win. And congrats to Maha for a terrific first entry!