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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Voting: "Silence Lies Broken"

What? You hear that? Oh... it's finally quiet. Which means posting is closed and voting is open.

Post your Top 4 (that's FOUR) in the comment section!

You have 2.5 days to vote (don't wait until the last minute... yeesh) and the winner will be announced on the 14th. Let your voice be heard at the polls!

*One of our esteemed admins, Not For Jellyfish, is tossing around "confirmed reading" ideas again... let's not give her a reason to continue that brainstorm, eh? Several participants have suspected their entries of being skipped in the past and notified us of the possibility (and at least one participant was proven guilty of it... she knows who she is), but it's not yet a large enough problem for us to directly address. All we're saying: have some integrity and read everyone's entries.



  1. This was fun. Intense, but fun. In all honesty, the top two spots were locks... but spots three and four were a cage match between a whole bunch of entries (nine of 'em, to be precise... so much for prepping).

    1. Maha (2) - "The Teacher"
    2. Julie - "Silence Lies Broken"
    3. Baino (2) - "Ignorance"
    4. Willow - "Silence Lies, Broken"

  2. Remember, everyone... Top 4!


  3. 1. Maha (2) "The Teacher"
    2. Tina @Life is Good
    3. Xander
    4. Jelly

  4. 1. Jeffscape 3 - Rapture in Silence
    2. Tom
    3. Willow 1
    4. Julie

  5. 1 jeff #1
    2 noise spider
    3 jeff #3
    4 brian #1

  6. 1. Xander
    2. Maha (2)
    3. She Writes
    4. Patti

  7. 1) Noiseless Patient Spider
    2) JeffScape 3
    3) Julie
    4) Tom

  8. I vote for these:

    1. Brian's 2nd entry 'Woman in the Window'
    2. Willow's 1st entry 'Silence Lies, Broken'
    3. Tom's entry 'Unbroken Whispers'
    4. Xander's entry 'Silence. Lies. Broken.'

    It was tough to narrow it down to just 4, they are all good.

  9. This was so difficult. I had to go back and reread several, and even then...

    1. Jeffscape #2 - Matches? Check. Charcoal? Check.
    2. Tina - Careless Words
    3. Brian - The Woman in the Window
    4. Julie - Silence Lies Broken

  10. #1 Titanium
    #2 Baino 1
    #3 Brian 1
    #4 Maha 2

    Man, that was hard.

    P.S When I went back to re-read as I was voting, I noticed that some of my comments didn't show up...curious.

  11. 1. Jeffscape#3
    2. Baino#2
    3. Jeffscape#2
    4. Patti#1

  12. 1. Xander
    2. Maha 2
    3. Noiseless Patient Spider
    UGH!!! I have read and reread. This was a hard one for me.
    4. JeffScape (3)
    5. Baino #2 ;), if only there were 5!

  13. 1. jeff 3
    2. julie
    3. tina
    4. noiseless

    this was an incredibly hard choice.

  14. Just so you all know... i had to read these entries on my iPhone in a hotel in Denver. I promise comments as soon as I find a place to live!

    1. JeffScape 3
    2. Tom
    3. Maha 2
    4. Julie

  15. Wow, everyone. Just thought I'd mention that it took 14 voters (out of 18 possible) before a single entry was eliminated from contention.

    That. is impressive.

  16. Alright, top 4:

    1. Maha2 - It made me want to keep reading...

    2. Julie - I like the yummy simplicity...

    3. Brian2 - I liked how "normal" this was. and good flow, as usual...

    4. Jelly - Because it's dreamy...

    Well, it's been emotional folks, thanks.

  17. Not sure I have scored the multi entries properly, but shall have a better system next time. Here goes ...
    1. Xander
    2. Baino 2
    3. Jane Doe
    4. Titanium

  18. 1-Xander