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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reminder: "There's Gotta Be A Catch"

Catch anything yet? The truth perhaps? Only a few days left to try!

*Existing participants and admins alike have wondered how to increase the number of participants at 10thDoM, and while we prefer quality to quantity, if anyone would be willing to write a "come join us" post on their individual blogs, explaining what 10thDoM is and how it works, that would totally rock.

*Tie-Breaker Clarification - We have two tie-breakers here in the event of ties in votes (which, so far, has only happened twice). The first tie-breaker is dependent on which of the tied entries has more "higher-level" votes (1st place, then 2nd place, etc.). The second is dependent on which entry was posted first. In light of some participants posting multiple-part entries, we will apply the method used for our River of Mnemosyne Challenge, which is the first one to post the final part of their overall entry takes the tie (however many parts it may be).

*Collaborative Entries - Last Muse we had our very first collaborative entry, which was a pretty cool phenomenon. But, it drove us crazy because we had to figure out how to handle it fairly for voting. So here's how it's gonna work from here on out: Collaborative entries - regardless of how many collaborators - are considered one entry from one author. It's up to the collaborators to decide who links the entry (or its parts). The linker receives the right to vote for that Muse, regardless of whose blog the links take you to (part 1 at Writer A's blog, part 2 at Writer B's blog, for instance). Essentially, collaborations are treated as normal multi-part entries from one author.

Here's the rub: Should non-linking, non-voting collaborators submit extra entries for a particular Muse - thereby earning a vote - they cannot vote for the collaboration. As with all new rules, this will take effect next Muse.

*Voter Integrity - It's not our job to regulate who reads what and who votes how (as mentioned previously), but since participants have been consistently expressing disappointment at other participants not even bothering to read their entries, we'll mention it again.

Participants SHOULD view and read ALL of the entries prior to voting. It is what is expected, it is how 10thDoM is set up, and, by the way, it is what is fair. That stated, we're still not going to check up on anyone (although if the particular admin who wants to enforce this finds an effective and easy way of doing so, we'll more than happily implement it).

*Speaking of admins, we're currently in desire someone who has the time and wherewithal to become an admin for 10thDoM. We do have a few already under consideration, but if anyone's interested, shoot one of the existing admins an email and let us know!



  1. for the record...that should be our not out, right? figured this might be one of those you drop in just to see who is reading...did someone other than me actually complain...nice...

  2. Nicely spotted. Deliberate error fixed!