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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Winner: "There's Gotta Be a Catch"

This is the part of the movie where everyone is covered in blood, the evil bad guy is dead, and the hero has caught the girl. Our hero is....

Brian Miller!

The dude is tearing up the tie-breakers! Although we don't have a girl to give you, we can give you a round of applause! Go check out his winning entry:

Runner-Up: Tom, "Dent Keel, In the 21st Century"

On a more serious note, we've decided to start a Voter's Shame section. Neither Siobhan nor William voted (and both are repeat offenders), so drop by their blogs and give 'em an insult!

Anyhoo, check in on the 16th for Baino's Muse. Brian's will appear September 1st.



  1. Ah you're a tough cookie Jeff but yeh, congrats Brian and judging by your comment roll you should be publishing these, you'd have over 100 buyers for your book already! Well done. Tough choices this month.

  2. it was a tough row this month...too bad a few missed voting could have been wildly different..

  3. Yeah... the newest Ceryneian Hind (also known as a Golden Hind, but that's kinda lewd... hehehe)!

  4. excellant Bri, that was a good one. what in the hell is a hind anyway?

  5. Oh dammit I missed voting again! :(

  6. thanks everyone...tom just reach around your will find it...