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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Reminder: "Below the Neck"

What exactly are you looking at? Oh, heh... sorry. Didn't mean to accuse. Just meant to remind that the deadline for "Below the Neck" is almost here!

*So why did we start a Voter's Shame? Here's why: in 12 of 22 Muses (including the River of Mnemosyne Challenge) there’s been at least 1 participant who didn’t vote. In 9 of those 12 occurrences, those missing votes could’ve affected the winning entry (and in 1 case undoubtedly did so). That's why. So remember to vote!



  1. Mine's coming! Posting later today!

  2. @brian miller - we dq'd your first link since it wasn't written for 10thdom

    the admins are gonna discuss it but for this muse its a no-go

  3. i followed willow over too.....

  4. Once again, screeching in just under the wire (I do not procrastinate!), I'm in.