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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Voting: "There's Gotta Be a Catch"

The catch was....

...this wonderful Muse had to end. Now it is time to catch up on your reading and cast your top three in the comments.

Oh yeah, the other catch is that you only get 2.5 days to vote. But you saw that coming.



  1. 1, Brian - Butter & Squirrels
    2. Moondustwriter - Parable of the Man with the Boxes
    3. JeffScape #2 - From Acre to Rabat

  2. 1- baino#1
    2- brian#1
    3- jeff#1

  3. I'm not voting yet... but I thought I'd mention that you all made this extremely difficult. At least seven of these deserve a first-place vote.


  4. Jeffscape#1

  5. Sorry, Open ID won't let me sign in, says I'm using illegal characters. Haha wouldn't be the first time!

  6. tom, thanks for your comment on my blog. came over to visit and was pleasantly surprised to find myself knee-deep in greek mythology. my kind of place...very cool site

  7. Just so everyone knows, votes are still hidden until voting is over. Our two new admins simply had accidents.


  8. As I stated earlier, very difficult...

    1. tom - "Dent Keel, in the 21st Century" - Tom, your characters are consistently friggin' awesome.
    2. Baino #2 - "Soft Serve" - blatant sex... bravely and nicely written.
    3. Patti - "The Catch" - though I'd like to see a prose version, the technique of implication was utilized fabulously.

    And, as I stated earlier, quite a few others deserved votes. This Muse set a new record for overall quality, in my opinion.

  9. Hmm seems even 'old' admins are capable of the odd faux pas