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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Voting: "Below the Neck"

The body cannot live without the head. Posting for "Below the Neck" is closed and voting is now open. So use your head!

Everyone needs to vote in the comments (no, really... VOTE!) for their Top 3.

*As a courtesy for the vote tally, please NUMBER the entries you're voting for like so:
1. First Place Vote
2. Second Place Vote
3. Third Place Vote

It's not usually a problem, but when non-voting comments get mixed in with the voting comments, it can make things frustrating.

*Also, for the new participants, vote for multiple-part entries (such as Baino #1) as ONE entry (in other words, do not vote for each part individually).

*And please remember not to act like a certain occasional participant and not even bother to read the entries prior to submitting a vote. She knows who she is (it's called lack of integrity) and, yes, we know who she is (it's called technology). Don't be "that person."

Remember, only 2.5 days to vote. The winner will be announced on the 29th.



  1. I get to vote now? Will there be hanging chads, and fudged results, and scandal? How delicious!

    I've got to say first that there wasn't a single badly written entry in the lot. A couple of them were too gruesome for Bo Peep here, but that's personal taste. I had a very hard time choosing my third vote, as there were six entries I especially liked and could only vote for three. Anyway, here goes.

    1.Entry 9, Moondustwriter's bowie knife story. I frigging loved it! The ending was just too good, that he was more concerned with his tires than his wife. What a schmuck!

    2.Entry 6, Willow's piece about Humphrey Bogart. I really enjoyed it and learned something too. Willow rocks!

    3. Entry 10, Baino's seascape story. It was unusual and clever.

    I wish that I could also vote for Entries 3, 11 and 12, but I'm all about rules so I won't. But Jeffscape's portrait of the sad but beautiful woman, Brian's piece about what's really important in a relationshop, and Amanda's memorable dance piece were all special.



  2. Wow, this was really tough. Is it my imagination, or are you people getter better and better?

    1. Jeffscape #3 - Sunset Girl
    2. Willow - White Man's Overbite
    3. Moondustwriter - The Bowie Knife Mystery (Part One)

  3. 3 Jeffscape #2
    7 Fireblossom
    12 Amanda

    Very hard to choose this time round. Loads of variety and welcome to the newcomers, keep coming back!

  4. Been some confusion regarding the request to number the votes... Probably my fault (well, yeah... definitely my fault).

    We don't need the number of the entry... just the


  5. 1. Amanda
    2. Fireblossom
    3. Jeffscape #2

  6. 1. amanda
    2. baino 1
    3. jeff 2

  7. hey guys, where do i cast my votes? do i email one of you or post in the comment box?

  8. Amanda, post in the comment box.

    Also, if you link your email to your blog, it'll be easier for us to contact you in the future.

  9. this is horribly hard. how do you do this? i might as well throw darts at a board, everyone's so good

    but if i must, here goes

    1. jeffscape #3 sunset girl
    2. fireblossom
    3. willow

  10. Thanks for the link to Magpie!